How to be the Best Bridesmaid Ever – A Marrygrams Guide

Getting asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honor. And not one to be taken lightly. Not only does your friend need you by her side on her big day, but she needs you during all of those in between days too. From helping plan the wedding, to simply being a shoulder to cry on, she’s going to be relying on you for a lot in the coming months. Rise to the occasion with our handy guide below, and she’ll definitely return the favor when it’s your turn to walk down the aisle!

How to Be Your Best Bridesmaid Self

best bridesmaid

Get Excited

Your bestie is getting married! It may sound like an obvious suggestion, but showing your enthusiasm for her upcoming nuptials is actually really important. It shows her from the beginning that you’re ready to tackle all of the ins and outs of wedding planning head on. So celebrate! Share her bridesmaid proposal pictures on Instagram (tag us!) or take her to a celebratory brunch. You’ve got a lot of fun ahead of you!

Use Your Talents

Have a knack for hand lettering? Offer to help her address save the dates and invitations. Whatever your skills may be, there’s a good chance they can be utilized to help plan a wedding. So don’t be afraid to offer your services if there’s something you’re excited about helping with. Your bride will be so appreciative. best bridesmaid wedding planning

Budget Early

The bulk of wedding expenses actually pop up towards the end of the planning, and usually all at once. So keep this in mind when she asks you to be in her bridal party. Set aside a little bit each paycheck specifically for bridesmaid duties and when it comes time to buy a dress, pick a gift, and plan a bridal shower – you’ll be ready.

Bond with the Group

Make it a point to get to know each of the other girls (or guys) in the bridal party. Whether it’s bonding over bowling or just keeping up with a group text, this will help planning move along smoothly.  And you get new friends! Win-win!

Keep the Bride in Mind

Did you see a wedding-worthy pair of shoes while you were out shopping? Send the bride a photo! Letting her know you’re thinking about her (and actually listening when she mentions something she still needs to get done) will really mean a lot. Whether that’s bringing her a surprise morning latte when you know shes been up all night working on the seating chart, or simply keeping her inbox full of positive text messages, she’ll be so glad she chose you. best bridesmaid proposal box

Play Defense

When you’re helping plan a wedding, something will inevitably go wrong. And when that happens, if you are able to handle it as a bridal party or on your own without bothering the bride, do it! (Obviously if it’s a major wedding moment the bride should be notified.) But if another bridesmaid gets her dress back and the alterations are all wrong, take care of straightening it out with the tailor. The more you are able to step in and field some of the easier issues, the less stressed your bride will be.

Take a Break

Perhaps the most important Best Bridesmaid duty is knowing when to turn OFF the wedding talk. Chances are you’re going to be spending the better part of a year helping your friend get ready for this event, but it’s important to remember to maintain your friendship outside of that wedding bubble. Plan a girl’s weekend or a bi weekly brunch date where the “W” word is completely off limits. Trust us, you’ll come back to your to-do list refreshed and ready to tackle it all.

Wear the Dress

Wear that dress with a smile even if you hate it. Actually, especially if you hate it. Getting upset over the bridesmaid dress is a wedding cliche you DON’T have to participate in. Remember, you only have to wear it once and not even for very long. So wear it with pride and you can feel good knowing you’re supporting one of your very dearest friends while doing it. will you be my bridesmaid
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