How to Define Your Wedding Vision

That “I just got engaged!” feeling – there’s nothing quite like it, is there? That warm, soul-filling and heart-fluttering moment when you realise that the love of your life wants to spend the rest of theirs with you. The phone calls to squealing family members, the congratulations, all of the happiness and excitement surrounding you and your partner in your own little bubble as you enjoy this totally-at-peace-and-madly-in-love moment together. It’s a special time that should be cherished for as long as possible, because it’s what comes next that can be a teeny bit overwhelming. That bubble-crushing moment when you realise there is a whole lotta planning and a million and one things to be done before you can say ‘I do’. You probably have an abundance of ideas flying around like crazy in your head. The first step (and usually the trickiest) is defining your wedding vision. Because how can you start planning your dream day, if you don’t actually know what your dream day looks like?
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Defining your wedding vision is a crucial first step in the wedding planning process if you want to ensure that your wedding day is everything you ever wished for and as beautiful as you had dreamed. Luckily we have a few tips on hand (and a free worksheet) to help you pull all of your ideas together into a clear and cohesive vision, to make sure you create a seamless and unforgettable wedding!

Get your priorities in order

First things first, don’t forget the true purpose of this day – to celebrate the love between you and your partner! When you start to define your wedding vision, you want to make sure it is authentic to yourself and your partner, and totally reflective of the awesome team that you make and the love you have for each other. So it makes sense that to start defining your wedding vision, you should first think about what defines you as a couple – your relationship, values and the personalities you have. Are you a relaxed and easygoing pair who spends your weekends down at the beach? Maybe a coastal inspired summer wedding would be a great way for you to celebrate. Or if you are both huge foodies and love entertaining family and friends, then a long feasting lunch outdoors might be your idea of the perfect day. If there is a particular memory or hobby you share that is special to you, then it can be a nice personal touch to incorporate this into your wedding vision as well. For example, if you have fond memories of the 6 months you spent travelling Italy together then why not allow this to be a part of your inspiration with an Italian menu or sprigs of olive leaf included in the décor? Once the planning starts it can be hard not to get caught up in the little things and forget about the big picture – so sit down with your partner and talk about your absolute essentials for the day and the things that are the most meaningful to you. Read More:

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